Shira Cohen is a devoted Yoga and meditation practitioner since 28 years, an international Yoga and meditation teacher since 10 years, and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist. She passionately educates and encourages people to engage in rediscovering their inner beauty and power.

She is the founder of Yoga and Ayurveda for All, combining Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation to actively address specific issues and challenges. Using challenges to lead to personal growth and transformation.

Selfie 2Shira loves to draw on her vast knowledge of anatomy, meditation, philosophy and mythology and weave it into a well-rounded Yoga practice to create an empowering experience. Emphasising self-inquiry to activate perception of unconscious patterns within the body-mind complex, Yoga becomes transformational. Shira has the ability to guide awareness so consciousness can pierce and pass through. Finding our pure potential, we become The Change We Want To See.

Shira is known as a humble, knowledgable, dedicated, passionate teacher, a wise, and sometimes boldly direct friend, and a great support and inspirator in times of difficulties.

A class, workshop or session always integrates mind-body-soul. Her past experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, informs her teaching. Her intention is to serve and motivate others through their past and distill the wisdom from their wounds.

My Story

Yoga and meditation have been a journey of devoted daily practice since 28 years. Together these have empowered me through many life currents, storms, blizzards and droughts, and the new beginnings of spring.

Just before my 10th birthday, the suicide of a loved one awoke the burning questions of, “Why do we live? What is the purpose of our lives?”.  

On the quest to reconcile the apparent split between material and spiritual worlds, my search led my teen years years through depression, anxiety, bulimia, anorexia, and early adult years of drugs and rebellion against consumerism.

Luckily Yoga and meditation found me at age 15 and helped me self regulate and eventually move of these stray paths.


My journey to understanding the meaning of my life, has led me to study relationship and connection by living in diverse cultures, countries and kinds of company. Whether in the fields and valleys of Europe, Central and South American jungles, or in the ways Himalayan ascetics live, I realised we all seek that deep sense of connection and identity through our relationships.

We all seek to find our place, our vision, our passion and our unique gift to offer the world. Without this sense of contributing to a better tomorrow we lose energy, faith, hope and connection to ourselves and the Self; the glue that holds us together, as individuals and as a species.

10 years later when burn out, post natal depression and allergies, manifested, I realised Yoga and meditation alone were not enough to heal all levels of being. As a single mother of a powerful daughter I was asked to seek further. Combined with Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation become the tools that empower us to become more conscious and connected to our physicality, rather than a comfortably detached human being living in ‘spirituality’.. 

Over the past 5 years, I discovered more gaps and areas in the human existence of psyche that could benefit from wholeness, so the study of Mantra, psychology, neuroscience, and again that vital ingredient- relation, became part of my practice and teaching. Now my Yoga practice has evolved to actually help me move through physical, emotional and psychological traumas.

Before the birth of my child, Yoga led me to an awareness where All Is Peace, Bliss and Truth, though it only lasted a few minutes at most, it is this very experience which I seek to integrate into the everyday exchanges and relationships with those whose paths cross my life.

It is this very Essence of Self, I know is awaiting and able to be reawakened in all beings through the practice, when all aspects of being are integrated.

Through consistent practice I come back to this Dynamic Beauty and Stillness, again and again. The more I walk the path of practice, the easier it is to find the way back. And sure, I still stumble, or take wrong turns. But no matter how often I stray, the Path is always here waiting for our return.

Yet only we can walk that Path for ourselves. No one can make those steps for us!

This is my deepest desire, to guide and encourage You to begin the journey back to your inner power, through Ayurveda, Yoga & meditation. Embody your power. That is your birth right!


From the depths of my Heart I am grateful to Manuela Heider de Jahnsen, as teacher for 12yrs in the world of Asana, Yoga therapy and Ayurveda, Ganesh Mohan and Montserrat Gomez for their wonderful Yoga Therapy and humour, Pankaj Sharma, Judith Lasater, Julie Gudmestad and Usha Devi for enchanting and enhancing the study of Asana and anatomy, Rose Baudin for guiding me deeper into consciousness.

David Frawley, Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Robert Svaboda and Dr John Doulliard, for passionately and devotedly sharing their wsidom of Ayurveda, Mantra and Marma, and S. N. Goenka for the path of Vipassana. Uma Tuli-Dinsmore for enriching the Yoga Nidra experience.

I’m just as deeply grateful to All the students who have dared to travel into being with me, and taught me so much about myself, Life and the connection we all seek, and the light of Love and Being that lives between those moments of connection, and relation.

To me every creation in existence is a teacher, and the study of Yoga is as long as this journey called Life, eternal.

Hari Om and Namaste!

Come join me!

Be the change you want to see.