This is the month of Light, Fire and the returning of the Sun. The Hindu festival of Holli starts this week. Celebrating the returning light in our lives. Light is the power to see, the energy to move and the ability to do.

Our fire in body and mind, bestows brilliance, confidence, will power and the passion to create our gifts and bring them into the world. When our Fire is lit we glow. We radiate an energy that inspires others.
Understand the power of fire and learn to create brilliance, confidence, will power and passion.

The Power of Fire

Fire is all about discerning, distinguishing and discriminating clearly what it is we need, want and absolutely don’t want at any given moment. It’s being awake and alert. Know the difference and choosing what’s right for us. Whether pertaining to food, activities, impressions, friends, family, social events, books, films, you name it. All these things have the potential to feed our fire or dampen it. 
Truth is the clearest of light, piercing through all illusions.

To be brilliant, to be alight and alive, we need a healthy fire. That intelligent discerning light shows us the way, and the wrong turns. It gives us the ability to choose what we except and what we want to leave behind. Just like truth, there’s a sharp edge to fire.
Through that cutting edge we distinguish ourselves from other. We shine and radiate confidence when we know who we are, what we stand for and what we want.

Our fiery insight and clarity to see things as they really are, gives us our sense of self and uniqueness. Our autonomy and individuality makes this universe so amazing and wonderful.
Without fire our boundaries get murky. We begin to lack clarity on our needs, wants and desires, and those of others. We lose self agency, responsibility, and allow others to abandon their responsibility.
The possibility to take advantage and abuse power opens up when there’s a lack of fire, clarity and truth. We should own our separateness. Our own ability to shine our light of consciousness, like no one else can.

Belly Brilliance, A Healthy Fire 

So how do we create a fire that’s strong, healthy and releases energy and gives us and others light? 
Just think of a real fire.
We need to feed it good wood. Material that’s not too heavy and damp, nor to brittle and empty. We need substance, something that will sustain us. Every fire needs enough activation, fuel, space, rest and continual consistent interaction, checking in.
A fire doesn’t need to be overfed or undernourished. We don’t heap huge amounts of wood on a small fire, nor expect a blazing fire to last with tiny twigs. Nor does fire continue to give us warmth and light if we feed it inconsistently. Either it begins to smoke, goes out, or rages out of control, or smoulder. 
Its exactly the same for each of our fires; physical, energetic, mental, psychological and spiritual.

Increase your willpower, confidence & passion 

  1. Discern, Release energy

The first thing is to discern. When we discern we recognise, understand and see, and separate different aspects from a single experience. We get clear on what we need from any experience, what drains us and can be left behind or ‘burned’, and what actually feeds us on some level. Discerning helps us breakthrough, break free, and releases the energy within. This can then by applied to all levels of living; physical, social, mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual.

  1. Tend your digestive fire- Body Radiance

Our fire burns bright when we feed ourselves according to the seasons, our inner urges of feeling of hunger and thirst, and in a balanced and rhythmic cycles. This means we eat fresh foods grown in our local areas, when our viscera sends signals that we actually are hungry and according to our activities and needs. So it’s much less a science and head thing than a feeling and urge from within.

  1. Awaken your energetic fire- Pranic Glow

Do the practices of Bhastrika and Kapalabhati. These both activate our energetic fires. Seeing fire is the balancing force between inner and outer, matter and mind, when our Pranic fire is alive and awake we know which activities will enliven us, or drain us. A Pranic body that is alive helps us to glow, to discern energetically what we need and don’t want. 

  1. Focus your Mind- Mental Brilliance

Trakata, flame gazing, strengthens mental fire and it’s a wonderful practice just before bed. Sit in front of a candle that is both at arms length and eye height. Gaze gently for 1-5 minutes, then close the eyes and see the after image. Keep bringing back this image until its completely gone. Do this daily for at least a month. This gives enormous mental clarity, focus and sharp eyes. You’ll miss no detail.

  1. Empower your Soul- Wisdom

Journal about all the things that are going well in your life. Find all that you’re grateful for. Focus on the good. And then in a different book, or page, note all the things that bring you down; people, places, practices, circumstances, and choose to spend less time, energy and focus on those on a daily basis.
If you feel stuck because its part of your life, such as family or work, then begin to make choices about creating change. Either you can stop giving your emotional energy here and create very clear boundaries. To do this you need to know what is it exactly that hurts, irritates, frustrates, saddens or depletes you in these situations? Use your fire of inquiry.
Once your fire is applied here by discerning what exactly it is that drains you you can use the fire to change these dynamics. 

Fire is power, will, passion and the audacity to be You, fully, unapologetically, amazingly unique and perfectly empowered. With clarity and desire to inspire, awaken and enliven others to step into that same power.

Dare to Step Into Your Power!
Share your fiery practices and leave a comment below.

Much love,