Great for body and mind. Shira knows how to adpat postions, techniques and practices to have a specific effect on the body and mind. Leaving me feeling integrated, postitive and whole.

Graziela GiolaJournalist

I’ve learned more with Shira than anywhere else, and truly appreciate the dedicated attention for the individual. Little or big nuances which really make a difference to what you feel and experience. Such a luxury. There’s a beautiful buildup in the class as well as over the course of weeks. So everything falls in place. With advice, and tips for body and mind spread throughout. Beautiful!

Esther Vos

Shira’s style is slow but strong. 90% body and 90% mind. I love how it’s both really active AND teaches you a lot about your inner system. She has a lot of knowledge, focuses on using making sure you listen to your body instead of forcing. I always leave feeling physically and mentally nourished, strong, stretched and more aware.

Selin Kuscu

I was overworked; physically, emotionally and mentally drained, lacking confidence in myself and body. Learning to relax, feel and see differences in my body and mind, invited more focus, acceptance and energy. Shira, as a professional therapist, teaches to inform, adapts to the individual, very easy to talk to, she loves to make jokes to keep it relaxed. 

Nazia  MangalHR Business Partner