Thank you so much for your time, expertise and guidance during the workshop, i felt comfortable and safe. After the workshop I bought a yoga block to do some of the excercices from the workshop, so thank you for giving me new inspiration! 

Claudia Scorus-Budding

I loved this workshop it was wonderful. It is of high value to me and giving the strength I need to work.

Raquel RodriguezStuccador, Entrepreneur

Shira, your teaching and pelvic practice has helped immensely, I now know how I can work with it more effectively. You’re wonderful.


I’ve had back and lower abdominal pain for so long, I didn’t think anything could help anymore. Your sequence and attention to details has relieved my back pain and helped me regain core stability and confidence. Thank you so much.


Thank you Shira, you’re work has helped me so much with my pelvic health. Over the years I’ve been to physiotherapists and pelvic specialists, I’d lost hope. I’m really grateful.