Thank you Shira for being open with compassion and love. I learned that it’s ok to feel whatever is, not needing to be afraid I can face what’s inside without a fight, just a calm observation. Accepting what already is has created space for improvement, new energy, strength. From Shira I learned the importance of listening to my body, of the breath, the connection between body and mind. And how mastering and expanding the breath can create space in body and so in mind.

It is all a reflection.

Suzanne TamisPrimary school teacher, Yoga teacher

After only  two classes I’ve incorporated Shira’s teachings into my work and feel more confident already.

Denise FerrenteYoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, Eco-activist

Shira has so much knowledge to share with the world. She taught me so much and I’ll be forever grateful.

Jessica MackayYoga teacher & Therapist

Shira I am learning so much from you. I feel privileged to say I know you personally. Keep up the good work for us new and learning Yoga therapists need lots of love, support and information that we can easily assimilate into our work that is clear, practical and traditional.

Karen KlennerMother, Yoga teacher & therapist