Shira’s style is slow but strong. 90% body and 90% mind. I love how it’s both really active AND teaches you a lot about your inner system. She has a lot of knowledge, focuses on using making sure you listen to your body instead of forcing. I always leave feeling physically and mentally nourished, strong, stretched and more aware.

Selin Kuscu

Shira helped me with relationship and emotional eating issues, working toward safety, self-worth and self-acceptance. Setting boundaries, building structure  and reclaiming intuition and trust. in my mind and body. Guiding me to feel how powerful, resilient and capable I am. Encouraging self-agency so I can face the challenges without losing faith in the process. Shira shares truths about her life experiences, to welcome emotions and safely explore trauma and negative feelings.

Rebecca StrengSinger, Social worker

Thank you Shira, for the wonderful lessons. The flame has been lit for awakening and becoming aware. Thanks for helping me on my way.

Vere FischerTeacher, Violinist

In a short time Shira’s passion and knowledge of the human body has made sure I’m aware of my posture, listen deeply to my body, and feel much more connected to it. Shira knows what she teaches from her own experiences and practice, therefore she’s exceptional at guiding others.

Natalie SchneidersMother, Life & Child Coach

Shira has birthed within me inexhaustible knowledge and strength as new insights continue to appear. Opening my eyes to my own capacities, making me realize I have the power to nourish and uplift myself. It’s coming home physically, mentally and spiritually. Even after 25 years of Yoga, Shira has brought about transformations.

Nelleke ScharrooMother, Artist, Teacher, Trainer

Thank you Shira for being open with compassion and love. I learned that it’s ok to feel whatever is, not needing to be afraid I can face what’s inside without a fight, just a calm observation. Accepting what already is has created space for improvement, new energy, strength. From Shira I learned the importance of listening to my body, of the breath, the connection between body and mind. And how mastering and expanding the breath can create space in body and so in mind.

It is all a reflection.

Suzanne TamisPrimary school teacher, Yoga teacher

Thank you Shira for the continual thread of treating my body with more attention, care and respect. Including Ayurvedic dietary changes I made, the dedicated attention to share knowledge of body and mind, intergrating many parts of my life, so the benefits work and are felt on many levels.

Lee van der LansArtist

Shira Cohen is the best yoga teacher I ever had. She is able to deal with different levels of experience and ability, making you feel that she is totaly focused on you and your body’s needs; that doesnt mean that she will be soft on you! You will defenitely be pushed to reach your level every time.

Very interesting information on body anatomy and ayurvedic knowledge is passing through her lesson without becoming didactic and at the same time a clear human empathy makes you feel accepted and carefully carryied. I absolutely miss her im Berlin!


Elena KakliagouMusician

I was overworked; physically, emotionally and mentally drained, lacking confidence in myself and body. Learning to relax, feel and see differences in my body and mind, invited more focus, acceptance and energy. Shira, as a professional therapist, teaches to inform, adapts to the individual, very easy to talk to, she loves to make jokes to keep it relaxed. 

Nazia  MangalHR Business Partner

I’ve had back and lower abdominal pain for so long, I didn’t think anything could help anymore. Your sequence and attention to details has relieved my back pain and helped me regain core stability and confidence. Thank you so much.