Namaste dear beautiful, bountiful and brilliant All!

I have finally taken the plunge!

I finally dare to reach out, to take and to receive!

I finally dare to admit to myself I have desires and want to manifest them!

Thanks to the work of Molly Birkholm, Judith Anodea, Ashley Turner, Tama Kieves, Stephen Covey and Sheo, the circumstances of my life have taken a 180 turn around journey.

I honour the deep desire to prosper and live abundantly, without feelings of guilt, shame or superficiality. And I finally dare to believe there is enough for all of us!

I choose to live an empowered life!

I finally dare to step into those New Shoes!

The shoes I always pretended I didn’t see, or thought were too BIG for me. Too afraid, too lacking in self worth and confidence, I saw myself as too inexperienced. Under the pretension of being ‘spiritual’, identifying with the Self, I swept myself under the carpet. But truth be told, I was afraid to face certain aspects of life…

Since one year I have been working through many vital aspects inclusive to living in this world as a whole person, rather than a ‘spiritual’ one. Money, success, business, home, failure, commitment, my desire for, as well as my fear all of these essentials. I never once thought to include, honour or embrace these aspects of living as a part of the Whole that I was so diligently trying to realise! To be totally honest, I had completely ignored these aspects for the greatest part of my adult life!!

Reflected back to me was my lack of ability to respond to these aspects of life. While a superstar in Vedic knowledge, discipline in practice and study, healthy living, a genuine compassion for all life, no desires for material objects and totally devoted to teaching yoga, I was a complete drop out when it came to earning a living with my passion, expertise and knowledge.

I imagined the abundance of universal Prana from my spiritual practice, devotion and discipline would naturally flow into prosperity in this material world! Without actually having to take material steps

Well that’s all it would remain, imagining, if certain and specific steps weren’t acted upon…

Reading Siddharta, Autobiography of a Yogi and The Way of Zen at age 15, my only desire was to become enlightened. After 20yrs of this desire, a mind blowing experience of enlightenment wasn’t enough. ( Scarcity mentality?) Self-realisation was the end of the road, my relentless and unceasing desire for spiritual blessings and bliss, became a latent desire for more, a Vasana of scarcity, spiritual ‘advancement’.

For years, I never stopped to question where it was taking me, and what my life actually looked like from another perspective and posture.

When I was ultimately forced to face my present place in the world, I was turned upside down, inside out and back to front. I saw it, loud and clear. I’m sure if you saw my face in that very moment of brutally honest realisation, this fellow being embodies my feelings spot on!


Reflected back was a wise, worried, tired, wild woman of 43 who never in her life asked for help. The warrior who moved from place to place for education and perfection of a very important part of her life. But was that aspect a vital foundational part of her present-moment-life in this experience of planet, right now?

Now a single mother living with her mother and daughter in a tiny appartment, with no permanent home since 4 yrs, no visa, no work, no school for her child!! What is vital, what is real, and what is really vital?

A failure in the eyes of the many, lost in the eyes of others, free and wild to some, trusting and brave to my former self. The Fool, curious and in awe, ready for another adventure, carefree and young.

But what did it mean to the ‘me’ I am now?

What does it say about my choices in life? What is this teaching my daughter if our wellbeing, wellth and satisfaction with Life is not centre stage? What is the underlying mindset of this experience? How could a mind and body so often flooded with bliss, knowledge and deep devoted practice end up here!??!

So, what was the universal and divine Guiding Light telling me?

I realised I had charged my scarcity mentality!

Never enough practice, never enough bliss, never enough insights, never enough to give my students, never enough knowledge to guide them safely, deeply and inspirationally!!!

I saw these were the intentions I had after my everyday practice these last 3 years.

Through Asana practice we create a clean, strong and receptive vessel of Prana, through Pranayama we fill that vessel with individual Prana, through meditation and Mantra we charge the mind with Prana in a certain form or of a certain quality. But what if after our practice we focus on the desire for more understanding, more to share, more whom to share it with?

I unknowingly created a charge of wanting, lack, scarcity…

And that scarcity mentality slowly leeked into every aspect of my mind and life.

I didn’t see money as a river of condensed energy flowing through our lives. Or success as a deep sense of satisfaction that lives through acting in accord with our Souls desire. Nor business as manifesting our desires into realities to touch the lives of those we love and others who cross our path.

Namaste, Shira, wake up!

Time to get up and act out what you came here to do.

Once we know that we have desires, we can take charge and turn our Prana from wanting, to a feeling of already having what we so long for. For in our desires lie our deepest yearnings and our unique gifts. That gift that only You came here to share with the world.

Know Your desires, be honest about them, honour them. It doesn’t make us less spiritual. They will lead you to the joy, satisfaction and bliss in both worlds. Find their essence and bring them into the world!

Now that I have seen the full extent and power of intention, visualisation and the charge of Prana we create through our practice. I create a magnet not for what I want, but rather for all the abundance I already have. I have a roof over my head, I have food every day, such luxury. I have a beautiful daughter, and a loving mother, I have amazing friends and students that shower me in loving words and thoughts. I have this amazing body, mind and soul that daily offer me infinite paths, ways and perspectives to opportunities and possibilities.

When the focus is on All That Is, we attract That.

Each and every single moment in our lives there is a window, a doorway, or a flooding river we can walk into and Be part of. In that rushing, we can choose to feel prosperous and abundant, or lacking. We can let the Prana flow into that desire. For Desire is the essence of Life itself!

Desire is Devi!

Devi is the infinite Will to Live, Give and Thrive. To come alive and bloom in a bounty of beautiful forms an brilliant minds. She knows no bounds, she lays no claims and desires all her children to know her bounty. It is our fears and doubts that hold us, and the world, back.

By knowing, directing and seeing the opportunites for our abundance and being grateful for All That Is, in all, we grant Devi entry into our lives, into our loves and into the Light of our minds!

Manifest your deepest desires!

Honour yourself. That is the deepest respect you can pay to the world, and yourself. No one can walk your walk or talk your talk. No one can change the world the way You want to see it transformed. Only you know that Dream. Only You can bring it to life.

Only You can breathe Life into the desire that was born when your Soul came into being with its first breath.

Declare, I dare to dream BIG and I belief I can do it!

I have the freedOm to choose, to love, to act.

So, be the change You want to See!

Now, I don’t just want to inspire you. We need to act. I want to give you some clear tips or ideas how to start this process. We still need to dream, see the vision, and create it by taking the small steps each and every day to work toward making that dream a Manifestation.

For such a long time I truly believed the simple notion that, if you practice devotedly and diligently, all you seek will come as you clear your Karmic garden and the world will pour its grace upon you. You probably believed this, or still do.

And it does, but not without clear actions and planned steps to pave the way. To manifest it and make it a reality, we need to take action.

Here are six steps that are helping me on my way.

1 Dream BIG 

Through first tuning into our Heart of Hearts, listen to its’ message, its’ song. Asking your heart and your deepest sense of self, what does our Heart need to be truly happy. Meditate, reflect, contemplate. Then to feel it, sense it, taste it, hear it, touch it and let it slowly become a vision. This process allows imagination to move through the Fire element, into a real Vision. This might take weeks, months or years. Maybe you already know what it is. If not, What in the world really motivates you to change, to do better? What cause speaks very poignantly to your Heart? Know that by stepping into your New Shoes, you are not just uplifting yourself and your life, but all the lives of those who you love, all those who you exchange small parts of your life with, and the world at large will benefit from You stepping up and being brave enough to make a change, no matter how BIG or small.

2 Take it from a Vision and Make it into Manifestation 

By writing down your Dream, you turn it from etheral to something 2D on paper. Something you can hold and see becomes real, something others can look at, read and comment on. You too can read, reread, and yes rewrite, how this Vision or Dream can manifest through further steps. Share it with others, get their feedback, by speaking and hearing others ideas, we manifest it through the space element. And then as you find people who do support your idea, let these friends hold you accountable. Tell them what you want to get done this month or week, and ask them to check up on you to make sure you did it.

3 Take 3 Steps Toward it Everyday  

Make what you wrote down in step 2 into a plan. See how you need to break it down into smaller steps over a year, month or week, depending on your plan, so that it doesn’t just stay as some wishful fancy. See who, what and where you need to enagage. Break it into even smaller steps that you can take every day. Just start with 3 small things that move you toward your goal, day by day, step by step. Sometimes just writing an email, making a phone call, researching the subject, connecting with others motivated or moving in that direction. Set yourself a set time each day to do each thing, so you don’t waste time or procrastinate. Be realistic, be honest and keep the ball moving. If you leave it too long too often, you will doubt either your ability, your drive, your motivation and your gift.

4 Focus on the Positive and Stay Motivated

Know that you can do this. Don’t give up. There will always be the inner critic giving you ample opportunities to give up, to doubt, to minimalise, to belittle or laugh at your efforts. Do it anyway. But focus on how good you feel when you see this coming alive little by little. Focus on the end in mind. Every day when you do your thing be happy with them, pat yourself on the back. A to do list is ok, but not motivating. Better is an overview of what needs doing, write it down for the whole week, and when some of the things you wanted to do are done, put a big smiley face next to it. Leave it up all week, be happy, proud or and feel satisfied. Treat or reward yourself after a week, month or term of working towards your Dream. And be grateful for what ever arises on your path. Know that good or bad, it is not the outcome we aspire for but the changes we make to ourselves and our lives as we go through this process. It will refine and ultimately reshape your Dream to fullfill your Deepest Life Purpose.

5 See Failures and Rejections as Necessary Steps 

Be prepared for the negative responses, rejections, people calling you a dreamer, or absolutely no responses at all. There will always be people who doubt your ability, usually because they unknowingly doubt their own ability to manifest their dreams. There will always be people who think you can’t do it. Do it anyway. There are two kinds of people in our lives when it comes to motivation, those that inspire and uplift, or those that don’t. Find and bring people into your life who inspire you, hang out with those that uplift, not those that love to cut your wings off before you even try to fly. Any Any failure is just a step to show you that that’s not the way for this project. Any falls, show weakness, and also the places where you need to spend more time, energy or get some advice from someone who has done it before. Know that people love to share their success stories, don’t be shy or think you are not worth their time. And rejections to your plan will happen, many times. For every YES! there will be at least ten NO!s, so see each NO as success, now there are only 9 to go 😉 Build your confidence by accepting these experiences as stepping stones. Do practices that build confidence.

6 Don’t do it Alone

Last but not least, don’t do it alone. Speak, share and invite others. If there is no interest from others, either the dream doesn’t effect others lives because they are not looking at life in the same way, and you need to speak to different people. Or, you need to look if this Dream has potentials to benefit others as much as yourself. Or maybe the way you present it isn’t speaking to other people. Again, look at finding those who will support you, physically, emotionally, mentally or financially. Don’t be shy. Try. Try, again.

Isn’t that what Yoga is all about? If at first you do not succeed, try try again. Why is Yoga a practice, because you will never get it absolutely wonderful the first time. That is why we have so many wonderful teachers. So many amazing teachings. Because what speaks to me today might not tomorrow. And so again, see and ask “Do I have a scarcity mentality about Yoga?” About the teachings, the teachers, the demand for more yoga taught in diverse ways at diverse levels of being, seeing, thinking and feeling? Do you believe there is enough for all of us?

If not why do you think that? Go deep into the question and se where it leads you! And be happy and grateful to yourself for doing so!


My Declaration to Prosper!

I release myself from the heavy net, debri and entanglements that have restrained, suppressed and led to my struggling with my self, my life and dragged down my essential affluence. That river of abundance and joy that flows from the very centre of my being, with every single beat of my heart.

I no longer hold myself back, no longer willing to feel small or unworthy. I choose to Shine. I choose to awaken and enliven all whose path crosses mine. So they too see, feel and know the Beauty, Bounty and Brilliance we all Have and Are!

I release my Soul, my consciousness and mind from the tethers and trappings of the threathening Doubter, the Fearful Know It Alls’ voice. Instead I hear my inherent and integral Hearts’ voice of honey. It speaks of Belief, Bounty and the birthright of Fullfillment dwelling within each moment of full Presence. This Voice who sees beyond the parts and knows the Whole as a Journey Full of Wonder.

From this very moment of now I allow myself to feel fully alive, prosperous and exuberant!

I allow myself the freedom and richness of self expression in absolute confidence, without denying others their essential fullness and satisfaction. I hold a warm fearlessness that welcomes and beckons all to stand in their daring sweet self.

I am willing to step into a new, fresh innocence of the unknown self, ready to walk into a world where wonderful things come with ease. No longer do I pay heed to the persuasive painful put downs of shame, guilt and criticism. I no longer need to play out the ascetic or the puritan, nor the martyr or authority. Spreading my Prana too thin, in the unrestrained pursuit of expanding consciouness, I cut my Hearts wings with an unreachable aim of ‘becoming pure’.

I no longer need to justify my fundamental richness. I choose to spread my wings instead! I fly into the sky of brilliant bounty of potential and dive into the sea of sparkling bubbles of sufficient satisfaction.