Our life purpose becomes clear when we see our life’s patterns through the Bliss Body.

We’ve journeyed from Body Beauty, through the physiological- Energy Body, mental- Mind Body and psychological- Wisdom Body, and we culminate at out deepest body, our deepest desire to live and potential to give. 

In Yoga we call it the Bliss Body, Anandamaya Kosha. It’s the essence of why we exist and what we came here to do.

Whats the Bliss Body and Why it Matters?

Our Bliss Body, the very drive of our life, is our casual body. It’s the desire to come into life as an individual being. To experience, express and share our knowledge, power and life force with others. To nourish, enjoy, bring change, feel, and bring into the world our unique gift and vision, in a way only we can.

Our uniqueness is our gift and the purpose off our life is to uncover it fully and share it. 

Our strengths, quirkiness, weaknesses, fears and potential power to become a greater version of ourselves all lie and live in this Bliss Body.

It’s the underlying drive off all our actions, our desires, needs and perception of life and relationships. And most of us ignore our Bliss Body, until…

We hit rock bottom. We enter ‘mid-life-crisis’. The dark night of the soul is our day and night existential reality. When all we do, or don’t do, doesn’t seem to effect our dance with the devil. When deep, painful psychological, physical or emotional turbulence disturbs our existence enough to realise there’s more than meats the eye.

After a Breakdown Comes a Breakthrough 

If we honour our path and purpose, we don’t hit walls, bottoms or end up dancing with our dark side. But most of us aren’t that lucky.

Most of us need the earth to shake or be pulled from underneath us before westart asking deeper questions. 

Planet Saturn, known as the Great Teacher, presents us with immense and intense life questions. Saturn returns to the same solar placement every 29.5 years. Some of us begin with existential questions around this time; 27-32years of age. Some wait till the next, age 54-64, or the one after that.

This unconscious force is our Soul’s deepest desire moving us toward our purpose. Instead of continuing the same old comfortable, but often meaningless path, which seems futile, shallow or at best repetitive, our Soul asks us to dive in. It knows our potential and asks us to uncover it.

Because this is such a difficult transition time, we ask why. Why did this happen? Why me, why now? What could I have done different? Why are we here? Why am I here? For what purpose do I do all these things?

Because we won’t find our potential power without a quest. We need to digdeep, soul search, fight the demons of our psyche, rescue our victim self and uncover the jewels within. 

This is sure to shake our fundamental beliefs about self, life and our dearest relationships.

The Jewel of Bliss Underneath the Ruins of Uncertainty

In the throes of this seeming unbearable pain, we can’t see an end in sight. When through to the other side, we can look back, take distance and see the patterns. We see a pathway starting to emerge. We uncover a strength, beauty and wisdom that only occurs through personal experience of suffering and leads to deep compassion and empathy.

Someone once asked me if it’s possible to know another’s suffering, withoutgoing through the experience. I believe we can only understand what we’vefelt, known and been through fully ourselves. 

Without the experience, we can’t empathise nor empower another.

We don’t have the past lived experience to know what it feels like, what depths of suffering, doubt, shame, pain, grief, fear and loneliness we cansuccumb to, or endure. Nor can we grasp the patience, acceptance, love and empathy needed to be there for ourselves as we struggle to get out. 

And yet we will come out.

And underneath that, that deep experiential knowing, lies our radiant jewel of Bliss. The wisdom, beauty and empathy of our deep desire to share, show and guide others through their similar struggle. 

This in and of itself shows us our strength and ability and gift.

We know nothing can break us. We are stronger than a diamond, more beautiful than the highest mountain, deeper than the blackest hole and clearer that a silent lake.

There is certainty in that. And from this certainty we can hold others pain, fear, grief, shame and suffering.

Uncovering your Bliss Body

A student in class, when talking about the 5 bodies said she was baffled by hercasual body, our bliss body. She wanted to know the raison d’etre. I think more and more young people ask this question with all the uncertainty we face with our wonderful world in so much turmoil.

One of the most effective ways to find out why you’re here is journaling on your story. Your past and present struggles and get to the core feelings.

It doesn’t need to be a very long story, you don’t need to get into details. Rather be objective and see the pathway you walk/ed and what have you understood, learned and know so well that no one can tell you otherwise.

It is as simple as asking three questions and find the undercurrent, recurrent pattern.

Write down My Story, and answer

What was it like? 

What happened?

What’s it like now?

From this short and succinct summery of your story you’ll see what it is You know better than most people in your life. And reframe it as an empowering experience. One in which you’re the main character, get to choose the role, the trajectory and destination. You’ll begin your journey back to your Bliss Body. You’ll hear what your Soul is trying to move you toward all along. Know there’s others who would love your guidance, support or understanding and empathy.

Know you’re not alone.

Know you are amazing.

Know you have the power to choose, change and cancel anything from this point onwards.

If you choose to.

Much Love,