About Shira

11863284_522021764640895_5214813399024931363_nAs a Yoga and meditation teacher, Yoga therapist and Ayurvedic wellness consultant, Shira passionately educates and encourages others to engage in finding their inner power. 

She is the founder of Yoga and Ayurveda for All, an independant Yoga school that combines the tools of Yoga and Ayurveda to actively adress specific issues and challenges that lead to personal growth.

She is an important teacher, a devoted friend, and a great support and inspirator in times of difficulties.

Shira loves to weave meditation, Ayurveda, Vedic philosophy and mythology into a Yoga practice to create a revealing and empowering experience. Taking Yoga to a deeper level so it becomes transformational. Moving us into subtler realms of experience. Shira has the ability to move us to perceive, pierce and pass through to get you to become the best you can be.

As a meditation and Yoga practitioner for 3 decades, she is known as a dedicated, inspiring, humble, enthousiastic, wise, and sometimes a boldly direct teacher, when it comes to personal insights. Living in many different cultures and countries since childhood, she is naturally open minded and understanding of the beautiful diversity of human beings.

Her innumerable and intense past experiences, both good and bad, informs her teaching and her intention to help and serve others to move through their past, and distilling the wisdom from our wounds.

” Through Yoga I discovered that the power and beauty inherent in Nature also resides within each of us. My life of seeking meaning and purpose has led me down paths of depression, bulimia, anorexia, drug abuse, burn out and post natal depression. Yoga has always been the means of self regulation and self reflection during these experiences. And it continues to be a path of self actualisation.

Yoga has helped me see, find strength and grow up through these psychological battles. It was the resting space and the refuge to rechannel, rebalance and rediscover my inner strength, again and again.

No matter which place I found myself in, Yoga is at the heart waiting for us to make those initial steps.  It is through Yoga practice that I can walk back to this peaceful Beauty again and again. The more I walk the path the wider it becomes the easier it is to find the way back.

And no matter how often we walk away from that place it is always there waiting for our return. 

But only we can walk that path for ourselves. 


To quench my thirst for holistic understanding, knowledge and insight to all that pertains to Yoga I have travelled to India several times. Manuela Jahnsen de Heider, Pankaj Sharma, Judith Lasater and Usha Devi guide my study of enhanced Asana practice through better understanding anatomy. Rose Baudin in the deeper aspects of Yoga such as Pranayama, meditation and Swadhyaya. David Frawley, Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Svaboda and Dr John Doulliard are my teachers of Ayurveda, Mantra and Marma.  Mr Goenka of Vipassana..

I have delved into the foundation of Yoga; Ayurveda, and its culmination; Meditation, so that when I teach, it is authentic. From personal experience I can guide others deeper into their practice be that physical, energetic, mental or spiritual. As a teacher I do my best to be devoted, caring and loving.

Manuela Heider de Jahnsen was my teacher for more than 12yrs. In Manuela’s clinic in Berlin I assisted as and worked in the field of Yoga therapy, body work, Ayurvedic diet, herbs and massage. Adressing conditions such as allergies, autoimmune dis-ease, asthma, injuries, stress, burn-out, insomnia, anxiety, depression and structural misalignment.

My studies under many great teachers amount to more than 2000 hrs.
​But the study of Yoga is as long as this journey called Life, eternal.
There is no way to certify true Yoga practice.
The practice is embodied by the practitioner, and the effects felt by living what we learn in our practice, and bringing it alive in day to day matters.

​I work with the principles of alignment, how to apply the philosophy and deeper practices of Yoga into daily practice and off the mat.

I love to educate and be educated by my students.

To me every creation in existence is a teacher.


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