Private Yoga


Are you looking to dive deeper into your own practice?
Private Yoga helps You dive deeper into the aspect
of your practice and self You are ready for.



Do you want to feel empowered by your practice?

Do you seek a practice that is adapted to your personal needs?

Private Yoga sessions are tailored to your unique desires to enhance your life.


Who benefits from Private Yoga
  • Anyone wanting to dive deeper into personal development through a unique Yoga practice
  • Anyone wanting their practice to reignite inspiration, radiance and transformation
  • Anyone who seeks vitality and energy in their life from their practice
  • Everyone seeking a practice tailored to their specific goals, abilities and resources
  • Yoga instructors, teachers and serious practitioners who want their practice to enhance vitality and improve musculoskeletal integrity


What You will learn
  • Ways to nourish yourself through your practice
  • Create a deep sense of balance and harmony
  • To adapt according to the changing seasons of life
  • Why and how a personalized practice empowers You
  • Yoga teaching skills, alignment according to anatomy, learn to apply Ayurvedic principles


What a session entails

Private Yoga sessions are a one-on-one setting, specifically catering to your unique requirements.

I will inquire into previous practice, medical history and other important facts to assure you of developing a well-rounded practice that caters to your desired needs, abilities and resources.

Even if time or money is limited, you will walk away with a practice that caters to your needs. If your priority is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, these aspects will be woven into the practice, to make sure we are both set up for success.

Together we will design a practice that is fulfilling, empowering and moving you in the direction you need to go.

Personal Philosophy

As a Yoga practitioner or teacher, how do You see yourself in 20 years’ time?

If You are like me, You probably see yourself still an avid practitioner. Still living in a balanced healthy body, clear, calm mind, and a radiant soul deeply connected to Spirit. And You probably still love the delicious feeling You get when on your mat, and later walk into the world, still full of that feeling, wanting to share and spread that sense of being.

We all want to keep alive this juiciness of our Yoga practice.

We feel alive when we are still curious, open to the mystery of life and come with a beginners mind to the practice.

But what if we feel stagnation, resistance or even resentful toward our practice?

What if we have hit a place that feels, and seems, like rock bottom? What if we feel our practice no longer serves us, or actually exacerbates an issue, physically, emotionally, socially or psychologically?

At any given time, each of us is on another part of the path. At different times of our lives our physical body’s needs, energy levels and mental state changes. Accordingly, what we need also changes.

I have come to understand this through my own experiences in life, and my journey of Yoga. The practice that might have been great for many years might not be what we need right now. This is especially true if we are in a period of transition, transforming into a more mature, conscious version of our selves.

I have personally experienced many diverse issues in my 28 years of practice and teaching. Our body, mind and Yoga practice develop and change over time.

Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda intertwined, are the Art that allows our practice to change according to our needs.

That’s why I am here for You!

Come explore with me what is beneficial for you right now.

And once more feel that juicy aliveness in your practice!