“I really liked the freedom to interact or not interact. Shira is extremely friendly and kind which definitely tied the whole experience together. I felt comfortable, wanted to be attentive, and I found the workshop material new, interesting and illuminating. I was positively surprised by the collective participation; made me more eager to also participate.  The PDFs left me with a feeling of things going well. We discussed how anger can drive action and change and can be cultivated into Courage, Power, Action and Clarity. “



I enjoyed the discussions within the group, it’s good to know we are going through similar experiences. I was a little nervous but Shira helped calm my anxiety as she has a very calming effect, yet also motivating, inspiring me to be able to handle my emotions better. I look forward to put into practice what I learnt with Shira; to stop, listen and realise what my emotions are trying to tell me. Instead of distraction and trying to run away or hide from the difficult feeling I can ask ‘What is not right? What are changes need to be made?’” 


Health and Safety Manager

“I had expected it to be a very tense environment, as emotions seem to me, and maybe for others, to be a sensitive subject which one doesn’t easily or readily discuss. But actually it was surprisingly acceptable and even comfortable to do. Shira asked questions that asked us to explore what emotions were, whereby an interesting discussion emerged between participants and her. It was kept general yet allowed us to each share, or investigate something that felt important to us. The message that emotions are allowed to be part of daily life feels difficult, yet I no longer hold them in.” 


Data Analist and Researcher

“To be amongst other fellow sufferers had a positive impact of my recovery. It was the first time in months that I actually felt something and emoted again, that is so meaningful. Being from the profession, I’m usually critical, but Shira does this excellently. She is direct, positive and dares to say out loud what others are thinking. She isn’t cautious, yet her empathy is palpable and got things moving.” 


Vocational Trainer in Mental Health

“Valuable questions strongly focused on change and improvement put forth in a group setting helps to integrate the growth process of self-esteem and self-confidence by seeing your story set in a new light, or even several. It doesn’t even need to lead to improvement, sometimes it is nice to focus on certain points in a communal setting to be able to look at yourself and experience acknowledgment and recognition, creating space and acceptance.”

Student of Psychology

“I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very interesting. It was very nice, clear, safe and knowledgeable. Even the atmosphere between the group and the way of explanation as a whole felt good. The practices of insight have helped me to approach life less harshly and try to be gentler to myself, aware of the emotions, learning to recognize and name them, without struggle. I would love to participate again next time.”



One to One

“Shira helped me with relationship and emotional eating issues, working toward safety, self-worth and self-acceptance.

Setting boundaries, building structure and reclaiming trust in my intuition, in mind and body. Guiding me to feel powerful and capable, encouraging self-agency so I don’t lose faith in the process while facing challenges. She is this spiritual aunty holding space for change.” 

Rebecca Streng

Consultant, Researcher

“With Shira I’ve had aha moments that helped me breakthrough overthinking. Movement to get me out of my head and into my body, meditations through which I have become more self-reflective and conscious of how I can further arrest those processes. One of the most important lessons is the importance of emotional expression, both negative and positive, to release experiences and feel integrated.”



“After a burnout I expected to talk with someone to lighten my load, but got so much more.

Thanks to Shira I learned how to self-regulate, relax and reflect upon myself in a much more compassioante way. Helping me realise how harsh I have been with myself, how much stronger I am and that I’m worthy of much better choices and relationships.”


HR Consultant

“Shira Cohen is the best yoga teacher I ever had.

Shira is able to deal with a class of different levels and make you feel that she is totaly focused on your needs and body; that doesnt mean that she will be soft on you! You will defenitely reach your level every time, and beyond.

Educating on anatomy and ayurveda woven through lessons without becoming didactic and at the same time a clear human empathy makes you feel accepted and carefully carried. I absolutely miss her in Berlin!”

Elena Kakliagou


“Shira has brought to bear within me inexhaustible knowledge and insight. I will continue to learn from her knowledge for many years, as new insights continue to appear. She has opened my eyes to my own capacities, making me realize that each practice has its own meaning and purpose. I now realise I have the power to nourish and uplift myself. The meditation is coming home in my own body, physical, mental and spiritual. Those who have yet to meet Shira are going to go through a transformation. Even after 25 years of Yoga, I still did not know that this is the essence of Yoga.”

Nelleke Scharroo


“I was overworked and felt physically and mentally stressed, lacking of confidence in myself and body. Yoga with Shira allows me to relax and I feel and see a difference in my body and mind. More focus, acceptance and energy.

Shira teaches to inform adapted to the individual. It’s accessible, a small class and Shira is very easy to talk to. She loves to make jokes and keep the lessons relaxed.

If you want to learn from a professional therapist and teacher then try Shira!”

Nazia Mangal

HR Business Partner

Shira is a native speaker of both Dutch and English, and she is a master at delivering a bi-lingual Yoga class. In more general terms, Shira is great at seeing and responding to each individual in the class – whether in adapting the exercise; offering specific feedback or explanation; or serving a personalized tip or insight. Shira’s wealth of knowledge about the history, meaning and benefits of every exercise makes you feel like a character at the hands of a storyteller rather than a trainer working through a class.”
Roy Birkenstock

Science Engineer

“I am very happy to have had the chance to learn Yoga with Shira! The lessons are just the right combination of Yoga and meditation, bringing balance.

Shira teaches the classical form of yoga with all the elements woven into the practice. One of the pros is there is always a sense of attention for each student in the class.”



“A lesson from Shira feels like traveling through my being.

After each lesson I feel as if I’ve seen and felt things I hadn’t even noticed or met fully before. It can be a small thing said that makes the day,  week or month different.

Or how we feel the forms of Yoga in the body from inside out. I have found how to come home to myself. Very special.”

Eveline van Egdom

Artist, Photographer

“In a short time Shira has shown and guided me to feel what Yoga is.

Her passion and knowledge of the human body has made sure that I am aware of my posture, listen deeply to my body, and feel much more connected to it.

The combination of Yoga with meditation make the classes unique. Shira knows what she teaches from her own experiences and practice, therefore she’s exceptional at guiding others.”

Nathalie Schneiders

Life Coach

“Thank you Shira for all the beautiful lessons, for being open, with compassion and love. From you I learned that it is ok to feel whatever is, that I don’t need to be afraid and I can face what is inside. Without a fight, just a calm observation. A step to accepting what already is. That has created space for improvement, new energy, strength. From Shira I learned the importance of listening to my body, breath and connection between body and mind. And how mastering and expanding the breath can create space in body and so in mind. It is all a reflection.”

Suzanne Tamis


” Shira takes time to set the mood of her classes. I love how each lesson is carefully prepared with a theme, Sutra, Chakra, or a particular body part. Lessons start by coming into a meditative state to start the practice from.

Being mindful of the theme every now and then, with gentle adjustments and visualisations to charge the practice, I really begin to feel energy flowing in moments of quietness. At the end of the class I always feel relaxed and energized.”

Dorein Meysing


“Thank you Shira, for you and your inspiring yoga lessons! For me the continual thread of learning was to treat my body with more attention, care and respect. This includes the Ayurvedic dietary changes I made. I love the dedicated attention that you love to share of your knowledge of body and mind. It helps intergrate Yoga as a part of my life.  So the benefits work and are felt on many levels.”

Lee van der Lans


“I feel lucky that I found Shira, her classes help immensely to balance and ground myself after many changes.

Shira explains us very vital things about Ayurveda and Yoga.

She takes care of each one of us during the classes, giving a more personal perspective and approach.”

Inma Ramirez

Biology teacher

“Shira I am learning so much from you. I feel privileged to say I know you personally.

Keep up the good work for us new and learning Yoga therapists need lots of love, support and information that we can easily assimilate into our work that is clear, practical and traditional.”

Karen Kleiner

Yoga teacher & therapist