Yoga Wellness Course

Do you wish there was a Yoga class that will help you improve your physical condition?

Would you like to be part of a group of people improving a common physical limitation?

If chronic neck, shoulder or back pain, poor posture, lack of sleep, are issues you want to improve through Yoga, then Yoga Wellness courses are what you are looking for.


If You want to start practicing Yoga, but you feel you can’t because …, and haven’t yet taken up the healing practice for body, mind and soul, Yoga Wellness Courses are designed especially with this in mind.

The Yoga Wellness courses are for You who want to overcome physical imbalances that prevent you from going to the average Yoga class.

Whether due to aging, postural habits or minor physical injuries, Yoga Wellness courses ensure You progress toward health.

Who will benefit from Yoga Wellness Courses

  • Anyone wanting to live happily in their body

  • Anyone willing to improve health and connect to their body through Yoga

  • Anyone with physical limitations who seeks wellbeing in a calm and mindful way

  • Anyone looking for a lifestyle for prevention and healing

What You will learn

  • Understanding of the underlying issue in your tissues

  • How to work with your body’s needs and abilities

  • How to regain physical health and wellbeing through adapting Yoga to your body

  • Specific practices with slow, safe guidance to help you feel empowered and welcome

  • How to be more aware and bring balance, strength and flexibility to your body

What the course entails

The course is designed to catering to your specific needs, over 8 weeks. By doing one class a week every week, we advance together slowly and safely. The courses are structured for incremental learning built up over this period.

Each class will briefly explain relevant aspects of the subject, why it’s important and how it affects your body. (There is always time for questions during a class.)

Due to the common limitations of the students, we address these systematically. The course is structured in; incremental steps, built up of layers of progression, ensuring a solid foundation.

Shira compassionately meets You where you’re at and skilfully attends to your needs as they come up during the course, making sure you get the most out of your experience.

The Yoga Wellness courses are

  • Yoga for a healthy back

  • Yoga for happy neck and shoulders

  • Yoga for better sleep

  • Yoga for improving posture

In Yoga Wellness courses you will learn how to overcome these limitations. The courses are set up to empower you with the understanding, skill and practice to bring back musculoskeletal balance and enables you to take up other Yoga classes.

And bring you back into your power and passion for living!