Soul Warrior, the Journey of Empowering Ourself

Soul Warrior, the Journey of Empowering Ourself

The Soul Warrior is the ultimate journey of all humans. It is the transformation of our physical self seeking power in the world to becoming an empowered being.

Finding that power within.

Feeling, standing and living IN-our-own-POWER. Living lives that come from our own sense of worth, courage and confidence.

The journey of the Soul Warrior, is one we’ll all one day have to make.

It’s the classical Hero’s quest we have to take part of at some point.

Like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings, there are so many moments we fight and are driven by our passion, only to want to give up. We deny the reality of our situation, or we pretend we don’t know what is being asked of us. Again and again, we are stumped, stuck, shot, surrounded, struck and shocked. How many times are we surprised, surrounded by companions ready to help, satisfied and successful, only to find we are not at the end of the road?

Like the heroines Malala Yousafzia, Rosa Parks, Annie Bessant, Mary Wollstonecrafts, Queen Elizabeth I, Rani of Jhansi, MiraBai, Boadicea, and Hypatia, we all have to face the powerful shadows of our, and others,’ psyche. We will be forced to face the most horrendous demons, forces and situations. We will be challenged to the point of exhaustion. We’ll be asked to take fearless, faithful and brave steps, not with blind trust, but with our eyes wide open. We’ll be asked to surrender our lives, to walk the plank and trust the Divine plan that only we can make and the path we must walk. We’ll need a mind crystal clear, strategic and discriminating to assure our successes in this mythic world.

My Soul Warrior path is like many lives rolled into one. It has had me turn around many times and question, how did I get here?! Sometimes I joke I’m like a cat with nine lives. The transformations seemed sufficient to me, but Life always has another plan. I walked that plank and dived into the Deep Blue and swam an ocean few. I climbed up mountains, lived in forests, wrestled with demons and God knows how many times I’ve died only to be reborn.

From this journey we distill the wisdom from our wounds. From this path that only we can walk, we live the Dream that only we can dream and breathe life into. From this vision and project, we create a world worth living in, for our Soul and the Souls of all our children, sisters, brothers and parents.

My battles, and eventual victories, with lack of self esteem, depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, and drug abuse, have made me the inspired, courageous, honest, deep, strong, empathetic, caring, understanding and empowered person I am today.

I believe all people have the right and the ability to be empowered beings! And I know that understanding Ayurvedic principles and applying them to Yoga and daily living is the key to transform a practice from feel good, to Empowered!

Only an empowered person has the congruency and capacity to empower others. We can only teach what we know. The deeper we go the more we grow.

Here is a practice in Honour of the Warrior within You!

Enjoy, Embody, Empower and Embrace!!

Walk the path only You can.

Namaste and till next we journey together, Shira.