Lee van der Lans

“Thank you Shira, for you and your inspiring yoga lessons!

For me the continual thread of learning was to treat my body with more attention, care and respect. This includes the Ayurvedic dietary changes I made.

I love the dedicated attention that you love to share of your knowledge of body and mind. It helps intergrate Yoga as a part of my life.  So the benefits work and are felt on many levels.”

Suzanne Tamis

“Thank you Shira for all the beautiful lessons, for being open, with compassion and love.
From you I learned that it is ok to feel whatever is, that I don’t need to be afraid and I can face what is inside. Without a fight, just a calm observation. A step to accepting what already is.
That has created space for improvement, new energy, strength.
From Shira I learned the importance of listening to my body, of the breath, the connection between body and mind. And how mastering and expanding the breath can create space in body and so in mind.
It is all a reflection.”

Nelleke Scharroo

” Shira has brought to bear within me inexhaustible knowledge and insight. I will continue to learn from her knowledge for many years, as new insights continue to appear.

As Yoga teacher she has opened my eyes to my own capacities, making me realize that each practice has its own meaning, and becoming aware of its purpose. I now realise I have the power to nourish and uplift myself. The meditation is coming home in my own body, physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga is all, All is Yoga.

All students who have yet to meet Shira are going to go through a transformation. Even after 25 years of Yoga, I still did not know that This is the essence of Yoga.”


Dorien Meysing

” Shira takes time to set the mood of her classes.

I love how each lesson is carefully prepared with a theme, Sutra, Chakra, or a particular body part, introduced by a thorough newsletter.

Lessons start by coming into a meditative state to start the practice from. Being mindful of the theme every now and then, with gentle adjustments and visualisations to charge the practice. I really begin to feel energy flowing in moments of quietness.

At the end of the class I always feel relaxed and energized.” 

Eveline van Egdom

“A lesson from Shira feels like traveling through my being.

After each lesson I feel as if I’ve seen and felt things I hadn’t even noticed or met fully before. It can be a small thing said that makes the day,  week or month different.

Or how we feel the forms of Yoga in the body from inside out. I have found how to come home to myself. Very special.”



Natalie Schneiders

“In a short time Shira has shown and guided me to feel what Yoga is.

Her passion and knowledge of the human body has made sure that I am aware of my posture, listen deeply to my body, and feel much more connected to it.

The combination of Yoga with meditation make the classes unique. Shira knows what she teaches from her own experiences and practice, therefore she’s exceptional at guiding others.”