Workshops for Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

Self-development & Emotional self-regulation


Using Yoga, Mindfulness and Neuroscience
Self-Development for Empowerment

5 successive practical and informative workshops of 100 mins 

Self-Knowledge | Self-Esteem | Self-Confidence | Self-Love | Self-Expression

1000 €
Self-Regulation for Wellbeing

5 successive practical and informative workshops of 100 mins 

Emotions | Mindfulness | Better Sleep | Breathe Life | Overcoming Addiction

1000 €

Educative, Interactive & Informative Practices, PDFs & Q&A in Dutch or English


Small groups of up to 12 people

Release tension and emotions through understanding and expression

Specifically designed to face, embrace and replace limiting patterns and beliefs

Common exploration leading to insight and compassionate understanding


 Transform through insight

Undo internalised stories through   dialogue and playfully inquiry

Move incrementally deeper to uncover limiting feelings, emotions and beliefs

Exploring issues systematically ensuring a solid foundation to change


Simple and effective practices

Self-development and regulation through emotional literacy and expression

Learn how this affects bodymind health through the lens of neuroscience

Discussion, awareness, teachings and practices to move into the new


Move, breathe & feel better, enhancing physical & visceral feeling, emotional expression, mental calm and psychological integration. Be part of a small group & learn to release tension, patterns and emotions through understanding, expression and simple practice. 

I compassionately meet you where you’re at, skillfully attend to the needs of the group making sure everyone gets the most out of their experience, so we can move forward together and co-create the world we want.