Yoga for Emotional Healing

An in-depth training to heal our energetic and emotional self,
awakening emotional intelligence

Who is Yoga for Emotional Awakening for
  • Anyone wanting to release emotions so that we have a deep and healthy body, mind and soul connection through awakening understanding
  • Anyone willing to take Yoga practice to the next level to transform emotions and energy into vibrant intelligence
  • Anyone seeking to use Yoga to master their energy, piercing through spiritual bypassing and self-regulation
What You will learn and acquire
  • How to release and redirect your emotions to energize and enliven your life
  • Free yourself from emotional baggage
  • How to manifest instead of transcend
  • Each Chakra’s influence on our consciousness, growth and transformation
  • Specific Yogic practices to cleanse, strengthen and rebalance each Chakra
  • A guidebook with tools of Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditations, self-inquiry for self-development, Ayurvedic activities and dietary changes to bring about balance and restore emotional and energetic harmony
What the course entails

This course is an intimate exploration of our emotional body. Which also means, doing shadow work.

You will uncover certain energetic holding patterns, be empowered to make conscious changes with specific practices of Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, and affect the energy flow in a desired and beneficial way.

Each week will focus on one of the successive Chakras. You will be guided into a nourishing practice of meditation, breathing, affirmations and Yoga forms. You will feel, experience and understand your emotional patterns, and understand how to cleanse and rebalance your energy.

You will be invited through gentle work to more challenging practices. Building upon the deeper states of awareness and connection to maintain integrity as we move from solid work into more subtle aspects of relating.

As you progress your consciousness will deepen and awaken the ability to connect body, mind and soul. This empowers you to unlock your unique potential.

My Story

Coming up against my shadow side even though I’d been practicing and deepening my Yoga practice to personally develop for decades, left me wondering where I had taken a wrong turn.

Being a single mother overwhelmed by the demands of conscious parenting, spiritual practice, work and being part of a ‘never good enough’ culture, emotions erupted for the slightest things. Though being very attentive of these unwelcome emotions, I couldn’t always manage them, let alone master them. Yoga, self-inquiry, mindfulness and meditation based on Ayurvedic principles, wasn’t enough!!!

Yet I wanted to do the Shadow work through Yoga. A year of feeling my practice no longer transformed me and I realised I was actually spiritually bypassing.

“What is that?” You may ask. Well, it feels as if you’re going round in circles. Every day, you come back to the practice, but without the slightest feeling of change or growth relative to yesterday or last year.

“What am I doing wrong?!” I asked again and again.

It is only when I started to work with Buddhist psychology, and the Chakras, that I managed to break through. This jouney revealed to me the respective shadow emotions of each Chakra, their psychological implications, influences and maladaptive patterns.

Yoga for Emotional Healing evolved out of this inquiry and journey. This course has been developed especially for You to also breakthrough unnecessary and outgrown patterns.

With guidance and personal understanding, I gladly offer You this gift.